How the trade-in works

Get a refund or gift card credit for any eligible used device you send our way. You don't have to worry about reselling or accumulating a mountain of goods. Your old products gets a new home or is recycled in a responsible way.*

Trade-up Program

Keep an eye out for limited time offers.

Limited space during public BETA.

Trade-in Credit Program

Coming soon.

Currently in closed BETA.

What are the steps?

Don't worry. It's easy.

  • 1. Click on Get started

    Click the "Get started" button below. You'll be redirected to our trade-up and trade-in portal.

  • 2. Select your eligible device

    View our list of eligible trade-in items and select the product you want to trade.

  • 3. Send us your device

    Print out your shipping label, place your trade-in product(s) into a box, and send it our way.

  • 4. Get that sweet refund or credit

    This is the fun part. You'll get a refund or credit once we get your trade-in items.

Traded items must meet eligibility criteria; unfortunately, broken, dirty, or otherwise ineligible items cannot be returned.

Please do not send us your item(s) without submitting a trade request first.

Trade-Up Program: What's the deal?

Keep up with the latest tech.

  • What we'll take ✅

    We will only take Eligible devices listed under the Trade-up portal. You will also see these special offers via marketing messages on product pages that have a Trade-up Offer available.

  • Current trade-up offer(s) 📣

    • Wyze Pan v2 to Pan v3
    • Wyze Cam Outdoor v1 Starter Bundle or add-on camera to Battery Cam Pro
    • Wyze Cam Outdoor v2 Starter Bundle or add-on camera to Battery Cam Pro

    We have limited space during BETA. Please be patient as we work on bugs, gather feedback, and improve this program.

  • What we won't take ❌

    We unfortunately cannot accept:

    • Broken or damaged goods
    • Items purchased more than 4 years ago
    • Items not listed under "What we'll take"
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Trade-in Credit Program: Coming soon

Please note: We cannot return ineligible products that are sent in.

Turn what you have into what you want

Your old Wyze tech doesn't have to collect dust. Send in eligible products for a trade-up refund or credit. We'll rehome or recycle your trade-ins.

Some earth-friendly options

As tech fanatics, we know that e-waste is a problem. Below are some options to consider when trying to be a little more earth-friendly. Of course, participating in the trade-in program is one great way to do this.

  • Recycle your e-waste ♻️

    Use your favorite handy-dandy search engine to find a local e-waste recycling program, a drop off or pickup event, or use a site dedicated to keeping the earth green like earth911.

    Find a local program 
  • Buy refurb for your next purchase ✨

    Your trade-ins will most likely be refurbished, so why not consider another refurb for your next purchase? We have a selection of Wyze products that are like-new and can save you money.

    Shop refurbished 

Have questions?

Below are FAQs.


While we have plans to expand this program, only the Wyze trade-up program is currently in public BETA and limited to certain items in specific conditions.

Trade-up offers coming soon.

For trade-up products you can only trade in 1 old item for 1 new item. It's a one for one and the discount won't stack.

For trade-ins, we plan to start this credit program with the limit of 10 items per request/customer.

No. We'll take care of that! 
For trade-up, you will get a refund of the offer amount once we check-in your old trade-up product.
For trade-in, you will get credit for each eligible trade-in product. Just go through the steps and you'll know exactly how much you'll get for your items. Wyze store credits will be sent to your email and you can apply that credit to your next purchase.
It typically takes 14 days after you send us your item(s). We'll verify the condition of your traded products and issue your refund or credit as soon as we can.
We appreciate any feedback that you provide. Please don't hold back in our survey.