We provide a return label, you pack, and drop off.

Hassle-free returns. It's that easy with Wyze.

What are the steps?

  • 1. Fill out the returns form

    Be sure to have your order code and the email account you bought with.
    HINT: It should look like US-#######.

  • 2. Select eligible return items

    View your order and select what you want to return. Remember to select a reason and quantity for your return too!

  • 3. Send us your product

    Print out your shipping label, place your return product(s) into a box, and send it our way. Done!

  • What we'll take ✅

    Eligible items bought on wyze.com or in the Wyze App within the last 30 days.*

    Please don't send us your product without submitting a return request in our returns form first.

  • What we won't take ❌

    - Final sale items

    - Refurbished items

    - Service plans (Learn more)

    - Items outside of the return period

    - Items bought from retail partners

Have Questions?

Learn more with our Refund Policy.

Return FAQs

How do get a refund on a service plan (Cam Plus, Cam Protect, Wyze Home Monitoring, and Sprinkler Plus)?

All of our service plans can be managed through here and cannot be returned through this portal.

I bought from wyze.com but I don't see my US-###### to start my returns.

There are two ways to checkout on wyze.com and one of them is with the Buy with Prime checkout. Orders placed through Buy with Prime are processed through Amazon and your returns will take place outside of this portal.

How do I initiate a return for a Buy with Prime order?

To initiate a return for an eligible item purchased using Buy with Prime, click the link in the order confirmation email to go to your order details page. From there, select the item that you want to return and print a return shipping label. Package your return, and then drop it off at your local USPS location. Items purchased using Buy with Prime can't be returned using other carriers besides USPS and may not be dropped off at Amazon locations, such as Amazon Lockers, Whole Foods or Amazon Go. For more information, read the Amazon returns policy.

When do I receive a refund for a returned item?

For eligible orders, a refund is processed when the item is dropped off at a USPS location. Otherwise, the refund is processed when the item is received and reviewed at the Amazon fulfillment center. It can take up to seven business days for the refund to show up on your account.