It's simple. Start with a security camera.

Select from a range of industry-awarded indoor and outdoor safe cameras.

Cam Pan v3 and Cam OG next to each other with green circle background

Step 1: Select your cameras.

Let's keep this simple and start with a camera that fits your need. Every camera listed below is indoor and outdoor rated.

  • Wyze Cam OG, Cam v3, and Pan v3 are cameras that plug into standard electrical outlets
  • Wyze Battery Cam Pro and Video Doorbell Pro are wire-free (battery powered) cameras
  • Wyze Floodlight Pro, while easy to install, is a camera that requires hardwiring
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Step 2: Add a plan.

By adding a Cam Plus plan, live notifications and stored events are equipped with smarter detections. And, we securely store your events in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.

Protect from anywhere

Video monitoring from the palm of your hand with Cam Plus

While getting a notification for "Motion detected" is helpful, having Wyze tell you if that motion is a person is even better.

Cam Plus unlocks advanced AI detections

  • Person
  • Package
  • Pet
  • Vehicle

Cam Plus unlocks unlimited video backups to the cloud

While local storage is valuable, we suggest enhancing it with cloud storage for a more robust security solution. In the unfortunate event of camera damage or theft, having recorded events backed up to the cloud ensures you have the evidence needed to catch the crooks.

You're one step closer to better home video surveillance.

  • The Indoor Security Suggestion

    • Wyze Cam Pan v3 x 1
    • Wyze Cam Plus (Single Monthly Plan) x 1

    The perfect combo to keep an eye on a large open space or every part of a room. This cam has a 360° panning range and can tilt 180°. That means you can have one camera track motion or continuously monitor from one end to the other.

    Popular with pet owners for capturing zoomies!

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  • The Front Yard Driveway Security Suggestion

    • Wyze Floodlight Pro x 1
    • Wyze Video Doorbell Pro x 1
    • Wyze Cam OG x 1
    • Wyze Cam Plus Unlimited

    While you might not need all of these, having this setup will help keep an eye on who is coming and going. Wyze Floodlight Pro offers a wide 180° field of view. While Video Doorbell Pro and Wyze Cam OG can be placed closer to your door for a better close-up.

    Popular with homeowners.

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  • The Wire-Free Security Suggestion

    • Wyze Battery Cam Pro x 1
    • Wyze Solar Panel x 1
    • Wyze Cam Plus (Single Monthly Plan) x 1

    No power outlet? Not a fan of electrical work? This camera has a removable battery so you can even buy extra battery packs or hook it up with a solar panel for continuous use.

    Popular with people who hate wires and love wire-free devices.

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  • The "I'm overwhelmed and want to get started" Suggestion

    • Wyze Cam v3 x 1
    • Wyze Cam Plus (Single Monthly Plan) x 1

    Have no fear! Hands-down the easiest and most popular combo among fellow Wyze Cam owners. Wyze Cam v3 is a classic 1080p HD camera with a magnetic base that can be mounted everywhere.

    An absolute crowd favorite for over 2 years.

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  • “Excellent service, fast response time, exceptional monitoring quickness, very fast cost-efficient equipment.”

    — Bakersfield, CA

  • “Wyze services and products have always proven 100% time and times again.”

    — Las Vegas, NV

  • “I absolutely LOVE every product I own. I tell sooooo many people all about it, all the time. I am a single mom and every item is so reasonably priced, I just love it all!”

    — Elgin, IL

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Protect what matters most.

Home security should be accessible to anyone who needs it. With Wyze Security Plans, you get DIY home monitoring for less than $0.08 a day. That's less than brewing a cup of coffee at home.