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Wyze Gun Safe

Wyze Gun Safe

Smart access. Dependably secure.

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Smart access. Dependably secure.
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Introducing Wyze Gun Safe

Wyze Gun Safe close up shots

Four ways to unlock.

1. Ultra-fast, 0.8-second biometric fingerprint.

2. Backlit traditional keypad combo.

3. Secure Bluetooth unlock from Wyze app.

4. Physical key.

Quick-as-necessary access, when and how you need it.

in app gun safe

Old school tough meets 21st century tech.

The strong box, one of the world's oldest technologies, meets Bluetooth and smart controls.

Easy-breezy app setup. A few minutes and you're good to go with unlock history, battery status, individual user combos/fingerprints, and secure Bluetooth unlock in the Wyze app.

Certified, rugged construction.

12-gauge steel frame construction, third-party-certified to meet all California DOJ impact and tool-attack specifications.

Beefed-up internal metal plating prevents latch or motor manipulation.

gun safe hinge

Interior-mounted hinges and unibody enclosure for exceptional tool attack and anti-pry resistance.

Internal Hinges

gun safe latch

Anti-impact latch for drop resistance and reinforced anti-pry construction.

Anti-Impact Latch

gun safe with valuables inside

Plenty of space.

One-handgun setups. Two-handgun setups. Or skip the handguns altogether.

At 195 cubic inches (10.6 x 6.2 x 2.95) there's room to spare for everything from passports and gold coins to jewelry and Garbage Pail Kid cards.

gun safe in a drawer

Convenient size. Mountable design.

Small enough to tuck away in nightstands and desk drawers, or to slide discreetly on shelves or under the bed.

Prefabricated bolt holes for mounted installation.

gun safe in app
gun safe in app
in app add user
in app add user
gun safe in app
gun safe in app
In app battery monitoring
In app battery monitoring

The Wyze app keeps you informed and in control.

Wyze Gun Safe's app unlock is Bluetooth-only and password protected. It opens only when it's you and when you're physically present.

Personalize and control access with unique codes and fingerprint scans for individual users.

Know who has opened the safe and when unsuccessful attempts were made.

When it comes to safe access, confidence is essential. Never have to guess how much battery power you have left.

gun safe comparison

Security the Wyze Way

More bells. More whistles. Less $$$. Spend less on your safe so you have more cash to put INSIDE.

See how we stack up against the competition.

Sets up in minutes.

Use the easy, step-by-step setup instructions in the Wyze app and have your safe fully functional, including access codes and fingerprint scans, in under five minutes.