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Wyze Lock Bolt

Wyze Lock Bolt

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Tired of fumbling with your keys? Unlock your door in less than a second with the touch of a finger or a tap in the app. Wyze Lock Bolt is a Bluetooth smart lock that replaces your deadbolt, giving you a luxurious backlit keypad with an ultra-fast fingerprint reader. Did we mention that it auto-locks if you forget?
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Now available in Satin Nickel.

All-new Satin Nickel joins Matte Black for two stylish color options so you can protect your door with smart, sleek, snazzy security.

Lock bolt installed on front door with a wyze doorbell pro on wall

Unlock from anywhere.

Knock, knock 🤝 Open sesame. A new integration let's you securely unlock Wyze Lock Bolt from anywhere when paired with Wyze Video Doorbell Pro.

Add Wyze Video Doorbell Pro

See it in action.

Keyless entry. A fingerprint away.

Gone are the days of fumbling for keys. Enter your home quickly and securely with just a tap on the ultra-fast fingerprint sensor.

A person's finger near the fingerprint reader
A person's finger near the fingerprint reader.

Luxurious backlit keypad.

Wyze Lock Bolt's exterior is crafted from solid metal for maximum security. Each button on the keypad is backlit for easy viewing at night.

Black lock bolt installed on white door
Black lock bolt installed on white door
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    "Wyze Lock Bolt is a solid, no frills smart lock with perfect fingerprint scans."

Black lock bolt showing anti peep technology

Featuring anti-peep technology.

With anti-peep technology. you don't have to worry if someone watches you enter your code.

Simply add extra digits before or after your code and Wyze Lock Bolt will still unlock.

Designed to blend in beautifully.

  • lock bolt on the interior of a door

    Crafted to compliment your interior design.

  • lock bolt on exterior of door

    Luxurious metal design to match any exterior.

Auto-locks if you forget.

Never worry again about having left your door unlocked. We included an auto-lock timer to take the stress away. Simply set how long you want to delay auto-locking in the Wyze app, and after that time has passed, Wyze Lock Bolt will lock the door for you.

Wet Wyze Lock Bolt

Fully pick-proof and weatherproof.

Wyze Lock Bolt is completely pick-proof by removing the need for keys. It’s also built tough enough to withstand the elements with IPX5 weatherproofing.

lock bolt charging

Up to 12 months of battery life.

Wyze Lock Bolt's 4 AA batteries last up to a year and are easily replaceable. If the battery life is low, the indicator will flash red reminding you to replace them.

If the batteries die while you're away, the USB-C port allows for an instant, brief charge for you to enter your access code for entry.

One-touch to lock.

Locking the door behind you is easier than ever. Just press the lock button on the keypad. If you're within Bluetooth range, you can also lock via the Wyze app.

in app door locked
in app door locked
 in app door access
 in app door access
in app one time code screen
in app one time code screen
 in app expiring code
 in app expiring code

The Wyze app is your command center.

*Bluetooth connection required for app features.

See who stopped by in the Wyze app. You can even view how it was unlocked, the exact time, and if there were any failed passcode attempts.

Create and store up to 20 access codes for family and guests, without manually programming each one into the lock. You can also store up to 50 total fingerprints for frequent users.

If your guest cannot unlock the door for any reason, you can remotely generate an emergency access code for them in the Wyze app even without a Bluetooth connection.

This single-use code grants access to your lock and expires within 4 hours. You can generate up to 16 codes every 4 hours.

Worried about giving out access codes to your home? Use auto-expiring codes so you never have to worry about temporary guests entering without permission. Set the day/time the code expires and never think about it again.

Top-notch security features, standard.

  • icon crossthrough cloud

    No Cloud Connection

    Wyze Lock Bolt requires local Bluetooth connection to update any settings. Beyond that, the lock works on its own.

  • icon database lock

    Hardware Encryption

    Built into Wyze Lock Bolt. Encrypted so no one (including Wyze) can figure out your code and fingerprint data.

  • icon phone lock

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Used within the Wyze app, so only those authorized are able to use Wyze Lock Bolt.

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  • wyze lock bolt

    Wyze Lock Bolt

    Built for Convenience: Quickly unlock the door with your fingerprint

    • Fingerprint unlock
    • Local app access only
    • No Wyze automations or Alexa/Google support

    • Replaces existing deadbolt

    • Basic Auto-Lock
    • No Auto-Unlock

    • Keypad built-in

  • wyze lock

    Wyze Lock

    Built for Smart Homes: Monitor and access your door from anywhere
    • No fingerprint unlock

    • Access the app from anywhere

    • Wyze automations & Alexa/Google support

    • Attaches to existing deadbolt

    • Advanced door position Auto-Lock

    • Auto-Unlock

    • Optional keypad sold separately

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Replaces your existing deadbolt. Installs in just 20 minutes.

Wyze Lock Bolt is compatible with almost all exterior doors and replaces your existing deadbolt lock in about 20 minutes. Feel free to watch our installation video below to see how easy the process is.

It's even better when paired with Video Doorbell Pro.