Wyze Tip: Color Light Notifier (a.k.a Red Light, Green Light)

Wyze Tip: Color Light Notifier (a.k.a Red Light, Green Light)

Learn how to automate your Wyze Bulb Color to create powerful visual notifications when motion is detected outside your home. Or shine a light on important reminders (or friendly warnings) like when Mom comes home from work or guests arrive at the door. 

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner


-Wyze Bulb Color(s)

-Any Wyze Cam

-Cam Plus or Cam Plus Pro (optional)


  1. Log in to your Wyze app to set up your Wyze devices. For information on how to get the Wyze app, click here.
  2. Install, activate & set up Wyze Bulb Color(s), and Wyze Cam in your Wyze account. You can find out how here
    1. If you are using more than 1, add them to a Group to limit the number of Rules needed to operate the bulbs. Click here for more information on how to group products.
  3. Create your device trigger within the Wyze app. 
    1. Tap Home > + plus sign on the top left >Add Rule > Device Trigger > + plus sign > Set Name (ex. Red Light, or Back Door Motion)
  4. Set the action to change the color of the Wyze Bulb Color(s) or lighting group when triggered.
    1. For example, Bright Red or Green.
  5. Tap Save for each color of Wyze Bulb Color you want to accomplish.

*But wait!* Make sure you synchronize your routines.

Don't forget to bookend automations with the opposite action. In other words, what gets told to turn on, must also know when to turn off. What goes up, must come down. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out. You put your right foot in...and you shake it all about.


*Chef’s Note* Add Cam Plus to your Wyze Cam to get AI smart alerts for packages, pets, people, or vehicles to level up your detection game. If you’re feeling it, Cam Plus Pro even lets you recognize the specific faces of your friends with Friendly Faces & trigger specific colors for your lights based on who is detected.

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