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Wyze + Subway Small Business Bundle

Wyze + Subway Small Business Bundle

A smarter way to protect your business.

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A smarter way to protect your business.
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Protect your business with Wyze.

Every business faces unique challenges when it comes to security. We built the Wyze Cam v3 to be a crazy affordable all-in-one solution for video surveillance.

1080p HD Video Recording and Color Night Vision

Record footage 24/7* in 1080p HD resolution and check in on all your camera live feeds at any time from the Wyze app. See at night just as clear as day with our award-winning color night vision sensor.

*continuous recording requires microSD card

Fully weatherproofed for outdoor security.

Use the same camera inside and out. IP65 weather & dust resistance truly lets you see everything around going on around your business.

Install an entire security system in under 30 minutes.

Wyze Cams take less than 60 seconds to setup in the Wyze app and are easy to install. Whether you are mounting them to the ceiling, wall, or just placing them on a table, they come with all the hardware needed for permanent installation right in the box. 

Person Detection and more with Cam Plus.

Wyze Cams are smart, but they are even smarter with Cam Plus. Like, only get notified if a person is detected after the store is Like a notification if a vehicle is detected backing into the loading Plus unlimited video cloud storage and so much more.

• Person Detection

• Unlimited Cloud Storage

• Vehicle, pet, and package detection

• Wyze Web View

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  • Motion Detection Zones

    Monitor specific areas for motion so you only receive notifications when it matters.

  • Smoke & CO Alerts

    Receive an alert the moment Wyze Cam hears a Smoke or CO alarm go off. Wyze Cam records a video during this time.

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Plus an amazing line-up of accessories.

Spotlight Kit

Connect a spotlight to your Wyze Cam that lights up when motion is detected or turn it on and adjust the brightness at any time in the Wyze app.

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Wyze Lamp Socket

Harness the electricity from your outdoor light fixture to continously power your Wyze Cam v3. 

They also work together make your existing outdoor lighting, smart. So you can turn the light on and off from your phone.

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