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  • Wyze Switch next to a smartphone with the Wyze app and switch controls open.
  • Smart light switch installed. Text overlay that says "Control remotely, voice control," and additional features.
  • Wyze Switch with dimensions labelled. Text overlay that says "119mm x 75mm x 44mm (Length x Depth x Width)."
  • Smartphone with installation guide open. Text overlay that says "Easy, in-app, installation guide."
  • Illustration of a house and sign that says "Sold 1980." Text overlay that says "Wyze Switch won't work if you live in a house that was built or remodeled before the mid 1980's. Neutral wire required."
  • Man standing in a kitchen and cooking. Text overlay that says "Works with voice assistants."
  • Three Wyze Switch units against a white background.
  • 3D render of the Wyze Switch.
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Wyze Switch

Control lights and other Wyze devices with just a press.

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Turn normal lights into smart lights and control them from anywhere. Multi-tap to control other Wyze devices like Wyze Cams, Wyze Lock, and Wyze Robot Vacuum.
  • Control Smart Devices With the Press of a Button
  • Works with Regular and Smart Bulbs
  • Groups Devices by Zone or by Floor
  • Maintains Settings, Even When the Power is Out
  • Scheduling and Automations
  • Vacation Mode
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
Tech Specs




Exterior: Plastic

Interior: Metal and plastic


0.28 lbs


119 mm x 75 mm x 44 mm (Length x Depth x Width)


Classic Controls: Single Press to turn on/off

Additional Controls: (Double Press, Triple Press, Press and Hold)

Status Light

White LED


Power Supply: 120V~, 60 Hz

Maximum Load: Incandescent 600W, LED/CFI 300W, 15A

Power Consumption: Less than 1W

Operating Temperature

32°F-104°F (0°C~40°C)

Storage Temperature

-4°F-140°F (-20°C~60°C)

Operating Humidity

0-85%, non condensing


WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n 1x1, 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.2

Range: About 131 ft (40 m) indoors, depending on building materials


Android 7.0+ and iOS 12.0+


Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

Weather Resistance






In the Box

Wyze Switch 1-Pack

  • Wyze Switch x1
  • Wall Plate x1
  • Setup Kit x1 (Accessory Wire x1, Wire Nuts x2, Wire Label Sheet x1, Mounting Screws x2)
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Wyze Switch 3-Pack

  • Wyze Switch x3
  • Wall Plate x3
  • Setup Kit x1 (Accessory Wire x3, Wire Nuts x6, Wire Label Sheet x3, Mounting Screws x6)
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Works with Regular Bulbs & Wyze Bulbs

Controls Other Wyze Devices

Vacation Mode

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Set Timers, Schedules, & Automations

All your lights just got smarter.

Upgrade to smart lighting in any room with Wyze Switch, a smart, WiFi light switch. Control your lights from anywhere with the Wyze app and create automations that bring light to your life.

wyze switch in app
wyze switch in app

Take control of your smart home ecosystem.

Wyze Switch integrates seamlessly with your Wyze ecosystem with four custom actions. Personalize each action to fit your life: Single-press to turn on the lights, double-press to lock the doors, triple-press to turn on the robot vacuum, and press-and-hold to spray unwanted guests with Wyze Sprinkler Controller.

sleeping lady
sleeping lady
wyze switch
wyze switch

Smart controls you would expect.

Create powerful automations in the Wyze app or set a timer to have your lights turn on or off.

Make it look like someone's home whenever you are away. Just enable Vacation Mode in the Wyze app and our switch does the rest.

If there is a power loss, Wyze Switch will automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi and return to its previous state, once power is restored

It’s easy to install Wyze Light Switch.