Award-winning pan and tilt security, now weatherproof.

  • Text overlay "IP65 Weather Resistance.". Image shows a Wyze Cam Pan v3 outside with snow around and on top of it.
  • Text overlay "See the whole room." Living room with a smartphone showing the Wyze app with the same view of that living room.
  • Text overlay "Automatically Tracks Motion." Car pulling in the driveway in the bottom image and top image shows car parked.
  • Text overlay "Two-Way Audio". Wyze Cam Pan v3 with speech bubbles.

The ultimate security experience... now for only $98.97 for 3.

See the whole room with 360° pan and 180° tilt.

Automatic motion-tracking.

Those cans never knew what hit them, but Pan v3 did. That's because it detects motion, follows, and records it automatically. Its upgraded tracking motor is quieter than a gossiping church mouse, so it won't wake napping babies or startle pets.

Privacy Mode.

You just sat down to binge watch that show. You also decided that pants were optional today.

So, you enable Privacy Mode in the Wyze app and Pan v3 spins and points 180° straight down, eliminating it's field of view and turning off. You relax. You push play.

Color night vision with Pan v3

Detailed security with Color Night Vision

Watched a black and white movie recently? We haven't either.

That's why we've made Color Night Vision standard across all of our security cameras with Starlight Sensor. Don't worry, you can still access black and white night vision too.

Two-Way Audio.

Data shows only 10% of users scroll this far down a page, and we assume even less actually read this text.

You probably know what two-way audio is by now, but basically you can speak through the Wyze app, and that sound will come out of the camera. And you can listen as people talk to the camera, and that sound travels through a black hole that formed when Marty McFly kissed the high school version of his own mom, and then it comes out of your phone.

Installs in 20 seconds.

It's easy and intuitive to mount Wyze Cam Pan v3. Whether you're mounting upside down or right side up, the process is fast, easy, and painless.

Home security at your fingertips

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