Wyze Home Monitoring Can Now Trigger Rules

Wyze Home Monitoring Can Now Trigger Rules

Updated: 05/11/2023

One of the beloved features of the Wyze app is Rules. Our customers have created millions of Rules to make their lives easier or more enjoyable. As an example, they can turn on your Wyze Bulb when your Wyze Sense Motion Sensor detects motion after sunset.

With the 2.40 Wyze app version released on March 8th, 2023, your Wyze Home Monitoring system will work seamlessly with Wyze Rules. This allows you to automate daily chores while arming and disarming your system or amplifying the siren when there’s alarm by leveraging other Wyze products in your home.


Create smart device Rules inside the Wyze app

Automate Your Daily Chores

If you use Wyze Bulbs at home, you probably like to turn them off when you leave your home to save energy. Or turn them on when you disarm after work, so you don’t get tripped in the dark while you reach for your light switches.

The system will execute your Monitoring Mode Triggers no matter how you switch the monitoring mode, it could be via the Wyze Sense Keypad, your Wyze app, or the Monitoring Schedule. If you create a Monitoring Mode Trigger for a Mode, and a Monitoring Schedule for the corresponding Mode, the system will switch following your schedule and execute all of the actions you’ve designated.



App rules for visual aid

More Accessibility, Fewer False Alarms

A common scenario that caused false alarms for our customers was when they didn’t notice the entry delay in progress and didn’t disarm the system in time. This was an especially difficult challenge for our hearing impaired customers.

With Monitoring Mode Triggers, you can create a Rule using “Entry Delay starts” as the trigger. If you have Wyze Bulb Color in your home, you can have the bulb turn red as the action. You can also create a second rule using “Switches to Disarmed Mode” to turn Wyze Bulb Color off. Then when you come home and trigger the entry delay, your red Wyze Bulb Color will remind you to disarm your system (or give unwanted guests a good dose of anxiety and visibility to any cameras that may be pointing in their direction).


App rules for home privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Some customers place Wyze Cams inside their bedrooms or living rooms to monitor those spaces when they are away. In this case, they may want to turn off the cameras when they are home to protect their privacy. But we’ve heard that turning on and off the cameras every day can be tedious and sometimes skipped by accident.

Now you can create a Rule using “Switches to Away Mode” as the trigger to turn your indoor cameras on and make another Rule using “Switches to Disarmed Mode” or “Switches to Home Mode” as triggers to turn your indoor cameras off.



App rules for home security

Stronger Deterrence

In the worst case where an intrusion into your home has already happened, you will want to deter the intruder from continuing their activities. By leveraging the new Monitoring Mode Rules, you can create a Rule using “Detects an Alarm” as the trigger and designate compatible Wyze Cams to play sirens as actions. If you have Wyze Plugs, you can purchase a non-Wyze siren that plays when powered, connect it to the Wyze Plug, and turn on your Wyze Plug in the action list to add to the sirens.

So when you have an active alarm, not only the Wyze Sense Hub but also your Wyze Cams and 3rd-party sirens will work together to deter the intruder. And don’t forget about that compatibility with Wyze Bulb Color so you can shine a light on the situation! Your neighbors will also be curious about what’s going on when your home lights up and gets extra noisy. :wink:

Wyze Rules are a powerful method for making your Wyze devices work together to fit your needs and we hope that you’ll experiment with some of the ideas on this list! We look forward to finding out what creative Rules you all will put together with all of these additional capabilities.


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