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Wyze Cam v2

Wyze Cam v2

Clearly see the moments that matter.

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Check out the newest gen device:
  • Improved 1080p Color Night Vision
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • More processing power. It's faster!
  • You'll also continue to get the amazing features of Cam v2: 1080p video resolution, two-way audio, built-in MicroSD slot, and traditional night vision.

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So smart it doesn't need to stand out.
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1080p Full HD

2.8mm focal length. 110º wide angle lens. 1/2.9" CMOS sensor. 1920×1080 (1080p) full HD. Images so clear you won’t miss a thing.

wyze in app
wyze in app

Live stream with 8x Digital Zoom

Check on your home anytime with Wyze app’s live stream. Connect with life as it unfolds – in sharp focus.

Night Vision

With F2.0 aperture, IR-CUT filter, and four 850nm infrared LEDs, WyzeCam’s enhanced night vision delivers clarity up to 30 feet away even in total darkness.

baby in crib
baby in crib
wyze in app
wyze in app
wyze in app
wyze in app

With custom zone detection and sensitivity settings

Receive a notification when motion or sound has been detected and see a video clip of the action so you never miss a thing. Video clips are saved in the cloud for 14-days, for free.

Increase or decrease motion & sound sensitivity settings to personalize your experience.

Set motion detection zones so you only capture events when they happen in the area you’ve chosen.

Wyze Cam’s advanced algorithm recognizes the unique sound patterns of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors. When either is detected, you can choose to receive a notification right to your phone so you can act quickly.

Unique, Flexible Design

The innovative 3-axis design allows your WyzeCam to point in any direction. Use the included metal plate and adhesive tape with your camera’s magnetic base to mount it anywhere – no screws required.

2-Way Audio

Use the built-in speaker and microphone to listen and talk to your loved ones, furry friends, or visitors.

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

Use your voice to view Wyze Cam's live stream on any Alexa or Google Assistant device with a screen. You can say things like “Alexa, show me the living room” or “Ok Google, show the kids' room.”

smart screens
smart screens

Continuous Recording

Use a microSD card (not included) for continuous recording and storage. The camera will overwrite the oldest files when the microSD card is filled.

playing on floor
playing on floor

Time Lapse

Capture the events of a day with beautiful time lapse videos. Simply schedule the start and end times as well as how often you want your camera to take a picture.