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Floodlight Security Kit

Floodlight Security Kit

Buy Floodlight Pro, get Floodlight v2 FREE.

30-day hassle-free returns.

With this much lumen power, you'll dominate the dark, and spot the bad guys, with ease.

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Wyze Floodlight Pro

Professional yard security to brighten any space.

A pro floodlight category-leading 180° field-of-view means you can protect your property with fewer blind spots.

It offers 2K HD resolution for clear color night vision. With three adjustable light panels, its 3000-lumen LEDs deter intruders and reveal details even in the dark.

Connect with dual-band (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) Wi-Fi compatibility.

Buy the pro and get this free...

A black security camera with two floodlights attached, mounted to a wall. Rain is falling on the camera and lights.

Wyze Floodlight v2

The dark doesn't stand a chance.

Delivering 2K HD video and vibrant color night vision, this outdoor security camera ensures your home always under watch.

The expansive 160° wide-angle view and advanced motion detection eliminate blind spots.

Enjoy a well-lit exterior with powerful 2800-Lumen LEDs, and let the 105dB siren add an extra layer of security.

  • 24/7 local recording

    Don’t miss a thing with continuous local recording to a microSD card up to 256 GB. No subscription required.

  • Motion detection of moving person

    Bye bye, blind spots!

    Eliminate blind spots and trigger lights faster than ever with wider FOVs, PIR, and AI technology.

  • icon sun

    Dusk-to-dawn automation

    Wyze floodlights know when the sun goes down and when it comes back up. No need to turn it on and off manually.

  • Weather resistant icon

    IP65 weatherproof

    Rated to withstand any weather. Around the clock coverage all year long.

  • spotlight icon

    Ambient Light Mode

    Enable constant ambient lighting that automatically switches to increased brightness when motion is detected.

  • Motion-Activated Voice Deterrence

    A voice prompt that plays when a person is detected. Feature included with Wyze Floodlight Pro for all users.

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Hands holding phone with livestream of man approaching car parked in a driveway. Security camera light illuminates the scene.

One powerful Wyze app

Control both smart floodlight cameras from the palm of your hand and get total peace of mind.

  • 24/7 Live Streaming
  • Access local recordings*
  • Setup detection zones
  • Available for Android & iOS

*Local recording requires the addition of MicroSD card

Enjoy crystal-clear 2K resolution.

Immaculate 2K image quality means you can capture events in more detail than ever, especially at night. Because we all know the devil is in the details. Or maybe it was just Brad, the hypersensitive HOA president.

Man carrying packages away from the house during the night with the lights shining directly at him. Phone notification overlay of alert about the camera's detection.

Add a Wyze Security Plan

Get better AI detections with Cam Plus

Instead of vague motion detections, you can now get phone alerts for Person and Package Detection with Cam Plus. Also enjoy unlimited 14-day cloud video storage and additional functionality.

A tablet computer displaying a live video feed from a security camera mounted outside. The cam is showing a person standing in driveway..
in app add user
in app add user
Phone showing app screen where Detection Zone is set up.

Super simple setup.

Both Wyze Floodlight Cameras are great devices to securing the outside of your home.

Use your Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Google Home devices to view live feeds of floodlight cam. Even get smart alerts when a person is detected, with Cam Plus.

Access Point Wi-Fi setup lets you pair Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 with
the Wyze app without climbing a ladder to scan a QR code.

Set custom detection areas so you only receive motion notifications from areas of interest.