New Site Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the new and old store?

New platform, new navigation, more consistency in our product detail pages, stability and performance with the platform, more payment options, easier checkout. Just a better experience all around (we hope!).


Why are we doing this?

One of our driving values is to be friends with our users. The experience on our current site is not great. Our goal with this new site is to deliver a better shopping experience for the customer including site performance and stability, consistent and friendlier user experience, more payment options, easier to use checkout, and more.


Why can’t I see my old orders on the new site? (i.e., Some of my orders are missing.)

We are working on it! We have imported most of the past orders, but recently placed orders are not yet imported. We will import remaining orders shortly after we switch to the new site. Note, orders placed on the new site will not show up on the Wyze App Shop yet. If you ever can’t find an order, don’t hesitate to contact our support team (


Do I need to create a new account for the new site?

Ok, so this is new. Accounts on this new site will use your WYZE account. You will be directed to a universal Wyze login system where you will put in your normal everyday Wyze account that you use when logging into the app. It will link with whatever account you use on with the same email address. Just remember, when logging in now, you will use your Wyze App login credentials.


How does this affect Canadian users?

This does not affect Canadian users. Please visit if you plan to have an order delivered to somewhere in Canada.


Why is the pricing different between the app and the site?

The Wyze App shop will sometimes feature different pricing to encourage users to shop inside of the Wyze app. For example, we are currently offering flat rate shipping through the app. That means all you can order for one flat rate of $5.99 in shipping. You might see some prices are slightly higher in the app to accommodate for that cheaper shipping, but if you order more via the app, you will save. That being said, we plan to offer similar pricing on at a later date.


Is there any change for controlling my services on this site?

No. All services are managed through We will be turning on a single login between the two sites so you no longer have to log in twice. That feature will not be available right at the launch of, but will be coming shortly after.


Will my old store credit still work on the new site?

Yes. Well, sort of... You will get a gift card code via email with the same value of store credit that you have at the time of the switch over. Please give us until Friday, March 18, 2022 to reissue credits to the new site. If you have not received an email with a gift card for your store credit, first, check your spam folder in your email client. Second, contact support if you still cannot find the email with the credit.


How do I check my replacement order if it was on the old site? 

We are working on migrating all orders over to the new site. There could be up to a 1-2 week delay for this to occur. 


I still have questions. How do I access support?

Still have questions? No problem. Please reach out to our support team with any additional questions. You can access our support wizards at