Wyze Tip: Pet Detection

Wyze Tip: Pet Detection

Similar to Front Porch Detection, this recipe teaches you how to set up your Wyze Cam to notify you when motion is detected in your home–especially when furry friends might not be where they’re supposed to be. With Cam Plus (optional), you can also set your Wyze Cam to record & notify you when it detects pet motion or specific sounds. That means the whole “mom has eyes in the back of her head” thing could now technically be true. 

Category: Security

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Skill Level: Beginner


-Any Wyze Cam, Wyze Cam Pan recommended

-Cam Plus/Cam Plus Pro


  1. Log in to your Wyze app to set up your Wyze devices. For information on how to get the Wyze app, click here.
  2. Install your Wyze Cam indoors in your desired pet-watching zone. For assistance, see the Set Up Guide in your device packaging.
    1. For example, the dining room table or living room.
  3. Activate & set up your Wyze Cam in your Wyze account. You can find out how here
  4. Create a schedule within Wyze app to trigger motion detection notifications while you are away from home.
    1. Tap Home > + plus sign on the top left >Add Rule >Schedule
  5. Set the Action to send your desired type of alert when motion is detected. 
    1. For example, a notification on your phone.
  6. Set the time for the Rule to be active. 
    1. For example, at 7 AM.
  7. Tap Save.

*Chef’s Note* Take Pet Detection one step further and use Cam Plus to set up alerts for pet sounds like barks & meows (even regular crying for human babies too).

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