Supplemental Terms of Service for Friendly Faces


Updated: May 21, 2024 

The Wyze Friendly Faces feature (“Friendly Faces”) is only available in conjunction with certain Cam Plus subscriptions and the Cam Protect Services.  These Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Friendly Faces Feature (these “Friendly Faces Terms”) are in addition to, and not in lieu of, your rights and obligations under the Wyze Terms of Service (the “Standard Terms”) and, as applicable, the Supplemental Terms for Cam Plus Service (“Cam Plus Terms”) and/or the Supplemental Terms for The Cam Protect Services (“Cam Protect Terms”). 

Wyze may modify or amend these Friendly Faces Terms in its sole discretion without advance notice by posting the modified or amended Friendly Faces Terms on the Site or through the Wyze App (and/or by email notification if we so choose). Material changes to these Friendly Faces Terms will be posted in a prominent place or manner. Please check our site or the Wyze App to see any updates or changes made to these Friendly Faces Terms. All modified terms and conditions will be effective after they are posted, unless a longer notice period is required by applicable law or unless we indicate in our posting or email notifications to you (if applicable) a specified effective date. If any modified terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, your sole remedy is to cease using Friendly Faces, and, if applicable, cancel your Account. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY OF THE CHANGES TO ANY OF THESE FRIENDLY FACES TERMS, YOU SHOULD CEASE ACCESSING OR USING THE FRIENDLY FACES SERVICES. By continuing to access or use the Friendly Faces Services after Wyze posts any such revision to these Friendly Faces Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated or modified Friendly Faces Terms. These Friendly Faces Terms may not otherwise be modified or amended, except with the written agreement of both parties. 


You are eligible and allowed to use Friendly Faces only in certain states and jurisdictions in the United States, and you are not eligible to use and are strictly prohibited from using Friendly Faces if you or your Wyze devices are located in Illinois or you are a resident of Illinois.    You must also have a current qualifying Cam Plus Service or Cam Protect Services subscription in order to enable Friendly Faces. 


You can enable Friendly Faces for Wyze cameras for which you have a qualifying Cam Plus Service subscription or Cam Protect Service.  When you enable Friendly Faces, you understand and acknowledge that the particular Wyze camera on which you enable the feature automatically collects and records facial images and generates and stores measurements to create information relating to those images (“Facial Data”) in order to match that Facial Data to other facial images from which it already created Facial Data.  Facial Data could be considered biometric information or biometric identifiers in some jurisdictions.  In some jurisdictions, your Friendly Faces dashboard will display images of each individual for whom it creates Facial Data and designate them as “Unknown”, Unnamed”, or “Someone” (“Unassigned Image”) in your dashboard until you assign a specific name to the Unassigned Image or it recognizes the image as an already assigned name. You can choose any Unassigned Image in your Friendly Faces dashboard and assign it a name, and/or you can add an Unassigned Image to an image or set of images to which you have already assigned a name so that your Friendly Faces dashboard could have multiple images of an individual for whom you have assigned a specific name.  Manual registration of images is another way, and in some jurisdictions the only way, you can register images of individuals into your Friendly Faces account.  Manual registration requires you to have the individual stand in front of an eligible camera so that their Facial Data can be created for the purpose of registering that person as a recognized individual in your Friendly Faces dashboard.  


Where applicable, if you do not assign a name to an Unassigned Image, it is deleted from your dashboard within 30 of days. Wyze stores Facial Data on your behalf on our platform.  You may delete an assigned individual at any time from your Friendly Faces dashboard, in which case Wyze will delete all Facial Data associated with a specific assigned individual.  If your Cam Plus Unlimited, Cam Unlimited or Cam Protect Service terminates for any reason, Wyze deletes all Facial Data associated with your account after180 days of termination. If you discontinue your Friendly Faces service, we will delete all Facial Data associated with your account within 180 days the date you discontinue your service unless you resume your Friendly Faces service before that date.  For more information about how we collect, use, share and otherwise process information, including Facial Data, please see our Privacy Statement. 


Wyze uses Facial Data to provide and improve the Friendly Faces feature.  By enabling Friendly Faces, you understand and agree that Wyze may use Facial Data to provide, improve, and further develop the Friendly Faces feature.  Friendly Faces processes Facial Data using proprietary algorithms, models, and machine learning technologies.  In addition, Wyze uses Facial Data in order to improve its algorithms, models, and machine learning technologies.


You may only use Friendly Faces for personal or household purposes.  You may not use Friendly Faces in any commercial, work, or public settings or in any manner that might be deemed threatening, harassing, inappropriate, illegal, or in violation of a reasonable expectation of privacy.  You consent to the collection, creation, use, processing, storage, and deletion of your Facial Data and anyone in your household for use in accordance with these Friendly Faces Terms or as separately agreed to or consented by you.  It is your responsibility to notify any individuals whose facial images are used to create Facial Data for your use in Friendly Faces and to obtain their consent to do so where applicable.   


While Friendly Faces is intended to match Facial Data from images that your Wyze camera collects, it is not error-free and can mistakenly identify images belonging to two or more different people as being a match.  Wyze makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of Friendly Faces. Accordingly, you should not rely on it as being an accurate identifier of individuals.   


If you have any questions or concerns about Friendly Faces, the collection or use of your Facial Data, or want to request deletion of your Facial Data contact us at: 

Wyze Labs, Inc. 
8815 122nd Avenue NE 
Suite 201 
Kirkland, WA 98033