Wyze Labs Acquires Nests From Google

Wyze Labs Acquires Nests From Google

Seattle, WA (April 1, 2018) – Wyze Labs, Inc., a Seattle based consumer tech startup, today announced the acquisition of nests from Google.com. These nests can hold many different objects, such as eggs, or Wyze Labs’ $19.99 Wyze Cam.

“We searched for ‘buy birds nest’ on Google, and found several options of nests that we could acquire,” said Jessie Zhou, Director of Marketing at Wyze Labs. “We then bought some that we could package up and start selling on April 1st along with a special surprise for our customers.”

The nests will be sold on wyzecam.com for $2.99 with limited supply.

About Wyze Labs, Inc.

Based in Seattle, WA, Wyze Labs was born out of the belief that quality smart home technology should be accessible to everyone. The company partners with innovators and best-in-class manufacturers who share its mission and values: to create high-quality products that are easy to use and have the features customers care about at a fraction of the price. Its first product, a full-featured 1080p HD smart home camera known as Wyze Cam, is available to purchase on Wyze Lab’s own website (https://www.wyze.com) and on Amazon.com.