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  • Wyze handheld vacuum
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Wyze Handheld Vacuum

The perfect spot cleaning companion from car to home.

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A powerful and compact cordless vacuum with a full accessory kit for spot cleaning anywhere from your car to your home. Whether it’s spills, pet hair, or just dust bunnies - there’s an attachment for that.
  • 16,800 Pa Suction Power
  • Brushless Digital Motor
  • Lightweight & Cordless Attachments for Every Nook and Cranny
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • 30-min Cleaning Time
Tech Specs
Wyze Handheld Vacuum Device Details



19.8 oz

Battery and Charging
Charging Method

Type-C power cable

Charging input


Charging time

About 3 hours to 100%

Battery capacity

6,000 mAh

Rated voltage

10.8 V

Rated power output

120 W

Vacuum Operation
Dust cup volume

0.2 L

Noise level

73.8 dB(A)

Running time

30 mins in default mode

10 mins in max power mode

Suction power

9,000 PA in default mode

16,800 PA in max power mode

Recommended Temperature

Operating: -4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)

Charging: 32°F - 113°F (0°C - 45°C)

Storage: -4°F - 104°F (-20°C - 40°C)

Weather Resistance

None. Do not use outdoors.

In the Box
  • Wyze Handheld Vacuum x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • Charger x1
  • Storage Bag x1
  • Extension Hose x1
  • Crevice Tool x1
  • Flat Nozzle x1
  • Attachment Adapter x1
  • Brush Tool x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

Engineered for extreme portability.

Wyze Handheld Vacuum was designed to be luxuriously convenient to use for any task. At just 1.23lbs and under 3" thick, it's 50% lighter and 65% more compact than leading handheld vacuums.

Vacuum in Tesla Car
Vacuum in Tesla Car

"Fantastically portable."

"A lot of vacuum for the price."


"Perfect for keeping in your car full time."


"Beats every handvac I have used."

-BB Product Reviews

Double the suction of other handheld vacs.

Most handheld vacuums (8kPa) can handle dust and small debris. Wyze Handheld Vacuum (16.8kPa) takes portable cleaning to a new level by pulling up even the deepest dirt, crumbs, and pet hair.

Vacuum picking up dog food
Vacuum picking up dog food

USB-C charging.

Charge your vacuum where you charge all your devices with the integrated USB-C port. View your battery life in bright LEDs with up to 30 minutes of run-time.

Vacuum charging with USB-C port in Tesla Model 3
Vacuum charging with USB-C port in Tesla Model 3

True HEPA allergen filtration.

To empty, just press a single button located near the nossle. Inside are the dustbin, stainless steel filter, and true HEPA filter which traps 95% of allergens. Each part is easily removable and washable.

Easy empty into trash can with a button
Easy empty into trash can with a button

Turbo / Eco Mode

Whether you're spot cleaning or rage cleaning, Wyze Handheld Vacuum has a mode for that. Even at its loudest setting, it's still 20% quieter than most handheld vacuums.

Wyze Hand Vac sitting upright in back seat of Tesla model 3
Wyze Hand Vac sitting upright in back seat of Tesla model 3