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Wyze Air Filter

Wyze Air Filter


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You don't drink the same drink or eat the same food as everyone else. Why should you breathe the same air? Customize your air like you customize your burger. Well done! Hold the formaldehyde! Whether you're downwind of a forest fire, living in a newly built home, or just worried about viruses and bacteria, Wyze Air Purifier Custom Filters filter the air to your specific needs, from pet odors and allergens to germs and dangerous gases. 
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Allergen filter pollutants

Allergen Filter

The Allergen Filter is an all-purpose filter for everyone:

Pre-Filter + HEPA 13 + Granulated Carbon

formaldehyde filter pollutants

Formaldehyde Filter

This premium filter not only captures pollutants, it destroys heavy odors and dangerous chemicals:

Pre-Filter + True HEPA 12 + Granulated Carbon with Activated Manganese

Wildfire filter pollutants

Wildfire Filter

This specialty filter captures basic pollutants with maximized fire pollution absorption:

Pre-Filter + True HEPA 12 + Chemically Modified Granulated Carbon

What is formaldehyde?

What is formaldehyde?

It's not just for science classes!

Formaldehyde is found in tobacco smoke, new furniture, and construction materials from carpet to lumber. Over time, it is considered carcinogenic.

Formaldehyde is only one of several VOCs (gases that can damage your health), but particularly difficult to capture. A filter that can catch and destroy formaldehyde is considered a premium-grade filter.

Three simple steps to replace Wyze Air Purifier filters.

Filter replacement in just 3 easy steps.

Out with the old, in with the new, and you're back up and running with clean, purified air.