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The best multi-camera security experience for your entire home with smart recording and real-time alerts. Trusted by over 1 million families.

No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

Self-monitoring security plans. Try it for free!

See what happens around your house anytime and from anywhere.

  • Cam Plus

    For a single camera


    DIY self-monitoring with:

    • Event video recording in the cloud 
    • Person, vehicle, package, and pet detection and alerts 
    • Glass break, Crying, and barking detection and alerts 
    • My Day insights show 
    • Free trial for new members for 30 days 

    Learn more 
  • Cam Unlimited

    Covers all your cameras


    Everything in Cam Plus, and:

    • The brand-new multi-cam timeline for live view and events  
    • Smart Arm/Disarm modes  
    • Friendly Faces detections and unknown faces alerts 

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*New Cam Plus subscribers are eligible for a free 30-day trial

Professional monitoring plans.

Security plans that include live agents and 24/7 emergency dispatch when you need it most.

  • Wyze Home Monitoring

    Covers your entire home

    Full alarm system with keypad and sensors

    • 24/7 real person agent response with emergency dispatch 
    • Environmental monitoring for water leak and climate change 
    • One free license of Cam Plus and Sprinkler Plus included 
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Wondering which is the wyzest plan? Let's compare.

Cam Plus
Cam Plus Start free trial
Most Popular
Cam Unlimited
Cam Unlimited Subscribe
Cam Unlimited Pro
Cam Unlimited Pro Join waitlist
Coming Soon*
Number of Cameras Single Unlimited Unlimited
Live Streaming App and Web App and Web App and Web
Motion and Sound Alerts
Motion and Sound Alerts (with Person, Package and Vehicle detections )
Yes, with Person, Package and Vehicle detections
Yes, with Person, Package and Vehicle detections
Yes, with Person, Package and Vehicle detection
Event Recording
Event Recording (14 days Unlimited Event Videos)
14 days Unlimited Event Videos
14 days Unlimited Event Videos
14 days Unlimited Event Videos
Multi-Camera Timeline
Friendly Faces (Facial Recognition)
Home/Away Smart Modes
24/7 Continuous Cloud Video Recording
AI Video Search
24/7 Alarm Professional Monitoring
Cam Plus
Start free trial
Cam Unlimited
Cam Unlimited Pro
Join waitlist
Without Plan
All Wyze customers receive access to basic free features, which include live streaming access from the Wyze app, smart automations, general motion Events**, and image thumbnails of Events**.
**Note: There is a limitation of 5-minute delays between unique Events. For continuous security, subscribe to paid subscriptions for zero delays.
Check the detailed comparison
*Features are subject to change. The final version of Cam Unlimited Pro may differ from the current announcement.

Adding a plan gives your Wyze cam super powers.

  • Included on all plans

    Event recordings are automatically backed up to the cloud. Keeping your footage safe from local tampering.

  • Included on all plans

    General motion alerts can be vague. It's better to know when it's person v.s. a moving tree branch.

  • Exclusive to Cam Unlimited

    Take Person detection to the next level. Know if it's your best friend or mom who stops by.

  • Included on all plans

    View your cams on the go through our app or from the comfort of a large monitor.

  • Included on all plans

    Having a smart home doesn't have to cost thousands. You can control your cameras and other Wyze devices via automations.

  • Included on all plans

    Get access to member exclusive prices and flash sales.

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Security plans trusted by nearly 2 million people

  • "Worth it"

    I was hesitant about the subscription, but the person and vehicle detection made it worth every cent. I get alerts that matter and can ignore the rest. A must-have.

  • "Almost perfect"

    Switched to cam plus last year and it has captured everything from break-in attempts to my neighbor's strange behaviors. I just wish it would be easier for me to locate my event videos.

  • "Great budget option"

    I wasn't expecting much. But it delivers on the protection we need. No more panic-inducing false alarms and don't need sensors. ADT feels outdated.

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Frequently asked questions

woman in app

Do I need a Wyze Security Plan to use Wyze Cameras?

You can use all of our cameras without a plan. Live stream is accessible the moment you connect your camera to your Wi-Fi.

However, a Wyze Security Plan will take your camera's functionality to the next level. You will get benefits such as 14-day rolling cloud storage and smarter detections. On a plan like Cam Unlimited, you even get Facial Recognition so you can identify the faces of friends and family.

Why does this matter to you?
Cloud storage means recorded events are backed up to a safe server. One that you can access in case your physical camera is taken or damaged. While local recording can be accomplished with a MicroSD card, these cards can be removed by anyone. As for smart detection, this means that you will be alerted when a person, pet, vehicle, or package is detection. No more 50 thousand alerts of the tree branching wiping back and forth on a windy day.

What is the Cam Unlimited plan?

It's Cam Plus, but with no camera caps! Add as many as you want.

Have a lot of Wyze Cams? Cam Unlimited offers unlimited licenses for $9.99/month or $99/year*, so you'll have plenty of Cam Plus licenses to go around.

Your previous Cam Plus subscriptions will be cancelled automatically, and those cameras will be added to your new Cam Unlimited plan.

If you purchased your old plans through the Apple App Store, they will be cancelled but will continue until their original expiration date. After that, they will be added to your new unlimited plan automatically.

*This price will remain the same upon renewal. Hooray!

I'm outside of the US, which plan can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to Cam Plus from anywhere.

Cam Plus is not a geo-locked feature. You can sign up for Cam Plus and use it while outside the US, but you must have a US or Canadian billing address to subscribe.

Cam Protect and Wyze Home Monitoring is only available for US and Canadian based customers.

What do I subscribe to for access to Wyze Web Portal?

You must have Cam Plus, Cam Unlimited, or Cam Protect to use Wyze Web View. 

Web View is a convenient way to access your Wyze Cam's live stream and Event playback from a web browser on PC, Mac, smart TV, or tablet. 

You can also purchase and manage your Wyze subscriptions from this portal.